I moved to the United States

Just a quick heads-up. The last couple months were very busy, because I was moving to the U.S. I will keep blogging about as many German banks as possible, however some already told me that as a U.S. resident, they will close my account.

However, to pretend to be German, I currently use privateinternetaccess.com VPN, which I am very pleased with at the moment. I will talk more about that in upcoming posts, especially how it helps circumvent weird georestrictions, that sometimes even don’t make sense.

My social security number should arrive in 4-6 weeks, I will open some hip bank accounts here and try to take them apart. See you soon!

One thought on “I moved to the United States

  1. Hey man. First good luck and then it will be appreciated if you find a bank for us, as European citizens. As you mentioned the ssn is requirement. I try to open an account in US services like N26 and all of them needed a ssn. Some of them are ”simple card”, ”moven” and ”chime card”. Good luck again!

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