I moved to the United States

Just a quick heads-up. The last couple months were very busy, because I was moving to the U.S. I will keep blogging about as many German banks as possible, however some already told me that as a U.S. resident, they will close my account.

However, to pretend to be German, I currently use privateinternetaccess.com VPN, which I am very pleased with at the moment. I will talk more about that in upcoming posts, especially how it helps circumvent weird georestrictions, that sometimes even don’t make sense.

My social security number should arrive in 4-6 weeks, I will open some hip bank accounts here and try to take them apart. See you soon!

3 thoughts on “I moved to the United States”

  1. Hey man. First good luck and then it will be appreciated if you find a bank for us, as European citizens. As you mentioned the ssn is requirement. I try to open an account in US services like N26 and all of them needed a ssn. Some of them are ”simple card”, ”moven” and ”chime card”. Good luck again!

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