Buying a mycard2go: a mission impossible

Update: My in-depth mycard2go review is available.

After becoming a father, things got busy, so I was not able to blog as much as I wanted. But with a bit of free time showing up, I planned to review the mycard2go, released earlier this year. It features a nice design and apparently there is a limited edition available in different colors.

mycard2go_600x470Wirecard mycard2go press photo

It costs roughly 10 EUR a year and can either be used as a one time gift card, or later activated to be a full featured VISA credit card, that also has a VPAY debit application.

Unfortunately, there is no way to buy this online, but there is a station finder / store locator for it. In my close neighborhood, I found 5 stations where I could buy these cards. So I hopped in my scooter to buy such a card, in order to test it and to analyze the EMV-chip with cardpeek.

Easier said than done.

  • My first stop was the AGIP gas station nearby, however they were out of the mycard2go product. They however had the predecessor available, but I was not interested in that product.
  • Directly on the other side of the street is the JET gas station, which was also listed on the station finder. They had some available, so I was already counting my chicken. Unfortunately they would not hatch. The card could not be activated. The cashier would explain, that they have a certain limit which is exhausted. Seriously? You have a limit of how many you can sell? And it does not match the number of cards you put in your display? Who came up with that great idea?
  • I proceeded to an Esso station (listed in the station finder), which was out.
  • On my roundtrip, the next shop I tried was another AGIP gas station. It was not on the station finder, but since I was passing it nevertheless, I tried it. They had some in stock, but when the cashier scanned them, she also got an error. This time, however, it was not an exhausted limit, but the machine telling her, that she should first scan the top, then the bottom code. We tried with all 6 cards they had in stock without success.
  • The fifth shop was an OMV gas station, which was listed in the station finder, but was either out or never had them in the first place. The cashier was clueless about those cards and said, that he has never seen them here.

Sadly, I do not get to test this card. From what I was able to see through the packaging, it does not feature embossed prints. Maybe Wirecard will offer online purchases in the future, but as far as it goes now, I gave up getting one of these at a store. Going to 5 different places to then not get a product is not a good customer experience. And should someone from Wirecard read this: Fix your distribution.

Update: six stores later, I was able to buy a card. Ironically, that store was not listed in the shop finder. I am currently testing it and I will write a full review in a couple of days.

4 thoughts on “Buying a mycard2go: a mission impossible”

    1. I think it’s worth it. See my review for the full fee structure. You just have to be aware of it’s cost and use it wisely. I specially like to use it for foreign currency transactions, because it has amazing conversion rates.

  1. you can simply register online for a virtual card with them and then on the web interface you can request to have a physical card shipped to you.

    1. no shit you can do that now. Please take a look when the review was written – a couple days after Wirecard released the product. Registering online was not an option back then…

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