How N26 fucked up their relaunch

Today I received an email that I can now move my old Number 26 account, which was provided by Wirecard Bank AG after performing an update in the app. Feeling very excited, I immediately updated the app and ran it. The Experience so far is everything but satisfactory.

After logging in, I see a white screen. Nothing else. I asked the support for help and of course they are trying to get rid of me by asking to delete and reinstall my app first. After I have done this, the problem persisted. The problem is now “with the developers” and I will hear back once the problem is solved.

In my experience, that is never. Whenever Number 26 was not able to resolve a problem during the chat, the problem never got resolved. I will keep you updated on the progress, but I do not recommend you update your app just yet!


Update 2016-10-26 17:38

They seem to have replaced the white page with a “Loading” screen. However, I still can’t access my bank account as it never loads, not even after killing the app and retrying.


Update 2016-10-26 23:45

I was now able to log in again and start converting my account. I just tried every hour or so. The support promised me to contact me, once the problem is resolved – let’s see see if they keep up with that promise… I doubt every customer wants to spend the time and effort to constantly retry until it works.

2 thoughts on “How N26 fucked up their relaunch”

  1. N26 in meltdown! Utter shambles this transfer has been,cards not issued,ibans not accepted etc etc. Help line gone AWOL!
    Is this a bank?? What is it?

    1. Yes, it seems like this product has gone south. Now that I moved to the united states, they said they will cancel my account. That was two weeks ago, but I have yet to receive a cancellation note.

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