Revolut users can now Top-Up with their Number26 Mastercard

Almost a month ago, I was trying to top up my Revolut account with my Number26 debit card. The process could not be completed, because Revolut thought it would be a credit card and not a debit card.

They have then claimed to have forwarded this to their payment processor, but after resolving my ticket, it still didn’t work.

Today I was trying again, and I am happy to have good news to report: You can now use your Number26 Mastercard to top up your Revolut card. Here is the proof:

Screenshots of my Number26 to Revolut Mastercard top-up (click to enlarge)


Be careful

Revolut thinks, this card is issued in USD. Therefore, when topping up with your Number26 card, it will ask you if you really would like to top-up in EUR and you should select USD to avoid fees. Tap “Yes, Continue”. Since your Number26 does not charge extra on foreign currency transactions, you won’t have to pay a fee, but there is still uncertainty in the exchange rate, which might be either in your favor, or—more likely—to your disadvantage.

Warning dialog when topping up. Ignore this warning. (click to enlarge)

Thank you Revolut for enabling Number26 Mastercard top-ups!

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