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Thank you for reaching this page. This is a big compliment for me as it seems that some of the information provided on my blog was so helpful that you are now looking how to return the favor. First of all, please don’t feel obligated to do anything, since I don’t do this for monetary gain. As for my costs, the hosting is already being paid by the ads you see – if you don’t use an adblocker.

To be honest, I encourage everyone use adblockers, because ads sometimes are abused to spread malicious software. Besides not clicking on every file you see, an ablocker is the best defense against malware.


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Did he just say “money”? Right. Money always helps. Money is always tight. If you want to say thank you by sending over some schmeckles, here is how.

SEPA Bank Transfer

You can send a SEPA payment to my bank account anytime. The big upside of SEPA is, that it comes at no cost, neither on the sending, nor on the receiving end. The downside is, it is only Europe. The bank details are as follows:

    To: Christian Hawkins
    IBAN: DE95700222000020088494

Direct debit has been deactivated on this account, so don’t waste your time trying to pay for your stuff with these details…

If your bank is not part of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), you might be able to transfer funds using TransferWise.


This bitcoin address can be used to send donations to:
1QG6xZEzavbpGD1PAkyrZtLVVW2MexLe8W [QR-Code]


Paypal introduced a service called, which can be used to receive donations and payments from family and friends. All you need is a Paypal account that you most likely already have and this link:


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